Welcome to Archaic Bon

This site is under construction and will be complete soon.


We are working on our new Bon website! Things are progressing well. We have our "Dharma Dollars" system working and forum is up. Store is installed and will be live soon.

Featured Events

Check out our Triune Awareness Program. Also, we have discontinued the use of Teachable.com as a training site provider. We will announce when our solutions are active here.


That's right, we are finally going to get our store up and running! Registered members can access our Bon wares.


Forum Chat is now available on member's pages when you log in. We are still programming on it, but the basic functionality is working.

Check in on our BIO-Engineering feed.


We will be moving some of our online school onto this website so we can do more with it than our school provider lets us do. We have some really exciting things planned and some new programs will be becoming available for 2022's school year!

Cosmology and Services

This area is a listing of available services and access abilites to begin the process of having Bon services made available to you. Also cosmologers can access downloads and additional files.

Featured Teachings

This area will have featured teachings by Padma Gonpo Rinpoche and maybe PDF or videos.

Enlightenment in the Ancient Sense

If you have ever wondered what it really takes to become enlighened, this video will open your eyes to the tradition of enlightnment and what the enlightened go through to provide the six realms of sentient beings reach enlightenment. Watch it HERE

Art for Sale

We will be painting thangkas and mandalas this year and you can find them here for sale. Proceeds will largely go to the purchase of Lhakang property. We are currently accepting commission requests.

Student Stories

Are you wondering what it is like to study Bon? This is a spot where students share their experiences with you. Check them out HERE

There is a lot going on and it is all very exciting. Join us and share the journey!