Welcome to Archaic Bon and Our Biological Engineering research area

Contained in this section are videos by peers in the Bio-chem and bio-engineering field. We present these videos as they are not being allowed to be viewed on public social platforms.

This unprecedented censorship of professionals raising concerns and being silenced is very troubling! Learn more in the links below.


A Video discussing the virus and its origins and purpose.

Inventor of mRNA silenced by FDA - short version.

Full interview of mRNA inventor interview (3 hours).

Research and Findings
Check here for links to research being conducted on this whole issue, and on the virus, its delivery mechanics and more!
Here you will find links to our research findings based on the other lab's reports.
History and Commentaries
This section hosts documents and videos that reveal the history of bio-engineering, today's medicine and commentaries on those origins.

Science and Religion from the Bon perspective, discussions are here. Bonku tackles questions and scientific theory and many times performs demonstrations of the concepts covered.